12 Innovative Earning Ideas That Will Make You Want To Go On Your Own

The most successful men are all characterized by resourcefulness and determination in wanting to achieve their goals. However, having these two qualities is not always enough to make money: what is needed in this case are innovative ideas to make money.

Now, when it comes to innovative activities, the imagination has no limits: it can be any product or service that is able to improve people’s lives, the important thing that has the characteristics necessary to become the focus of some new business.

So let’s find out together some of the best innovative ideas to make money from which you can get inspiration to set up new profitable businesses.

Buy and Resell Products

We already know what you’re thinking: nothing new under the sun! Buying and reselling products is in fact by far the oldest way to make money in the world. Why then include it among the innovative ideas for earning? Simple: the innovation here is not in what, but in how to do the activity.

In the past, it was in fact possible to buy a product abroad directly from the producer and resell it in one’s own country at a higher price. Or you could participate in local auctions where you can buy products at a discounted price to resell them at a higher cost.

Today, you can still do all of this and more. The auction system is in fact exploited by numerous e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Ebay and also the purchase of products from abroad is certainly facilitated thanks to the presence of online sales platforms such as AliExpress, DHGate and Alibaba which are real gold mines to find products to buy and resell with a markup.

Furthermore, there is also the possibility of starting an online sales activity in dropshipping model, in this way you will not even have to bear the costs of storage, packaging, shipping and delivery of the goods, since the producers themselves will take care of sending the products to the customer once you have sent them the order.

Focus on Sharing

Sharing goods and services is undoubtedly one of the most successful innovative ways to earn money right now. Just think of companies such as AirBnB and especially Uber, which have shown how by sharing an asset such as one’s home or car, profits can be generated without the need to make further investments.

Therefore, trying to develop new businesses linked to sharing something therefore represents one of the most interesting challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, also because, in the aftermath of the crisis that has swept the world following the pandemic, there will be more and more people willing to offer something (for example the spaces of your terrace, garden or garage or of your company) to be able to make an extra income.

Provide Advanced Web Services to Businesses

Today more and more companies decide to outsource themselves through external collaborators.

The services that are generally entrusted to freelancers are general administration and customer support, which are two of the sectors that require less skills, however in some cases there are also cases of human resources offices and marketing offices managed beyond outside the company.

Given that some of these activities are in fact interrelated (for example customer assistance and marketing or general administration and payroll) it is evident that by managing to develop a service through the network that is able to the proverbial “two birds with one stone” really wouldn’t hurt businesses.

This would save companies time and money, while at the same time allowing someone to create an advanced system of business services over the web.

Create an Online Survey App

Survey apps or sites are undoubtedly a way for users to round up some bucks at the end of the month. But have you thought about how these platforms earn and how do they pay the hundreds of thousands of subscribers who participate in the surveys?

Well, if you haven’t, we’ll tell you: these sites actually earn through the collaborations developed with companies, public and private bodies, associations and so on that commission them the opinion campaigns necessary to support their sales activity..

Given that this type of market research, in a dynamic context like ours in which new products are launched continuously, have become very important today for big brands, it is a business to be definitely taken into consideration by those who want to set up a truly profitable business.

Make a Talent Hunter

Anyone with a modicum of talent today can show it off by making a video on social media or youtube. However, many of these artists and / or creatives often remain hidden for years before reaching the general public.

A truly innovative idea could therefore be to create a talent scout agency that goes to find the artists and influencers who are not yet famous but the most followed on the web and help them to emerge using the right channels and contacts.

business woman office

Create an App for Manual Jobs in Your Area

Shoveling snow, cutting grass, cleaning swimming pools, emptying cellars: these are all necessary jobs that no one wants to do anymore. However, there are also many people who, put in a position, would be willing to lend their time to perform manual work on behalf of others in order to round up some money at the end of the month.

From this idea, several apps were born today that allow anyone to network their skills to offer them to all those who need them in their area.

Obviously, this type of applications must also take into account local legislation, given that in our country, for example, it is not possible to pay someone for even occasional work without the transaction being recorded or with adequate insurance safeguards in place.

Promote Home Health Care Services

The pandemic has revealed that there are still flaws in the national health systems, including with regard to home care for elderly and sick people.

Developing business ideas that make up for these shortcomings is certainly an excellent opportunity, given that the average age of people is slowly increasing and that in the future there will be more and more people who will need to be assisted.

Invest in the Delivery Food Sector

During the lockdown, many companies in the catering sector managed to stay on their feet thanks to the home delivery of food and the food delivery apps that took care of managing orders and deliveries.

However, if abroad this system is already consolidated thanks to really important companies such as Deliveroo, DoorDash, Uber Eats and Just Eat, but there are many small local businesses that still struggle to take off.

Taking a cue from brands such as those we mentioned above, business strategies can in fact be devised that allow greater capillarization and optimization of delivery, for example through the creation of ghost kitchens that allow restaurateurs to expand their business by delivering their dishes also in areas far from their area without having to bear the costs of opening a new premises.

Take Care of Shipping and Logistics Services

With the development of e-commerce and delivery itself, you can already imagine what the other sector is destined to grow in the near future: undoubtedly that of shipping and logistics services.

Investing in this field now may seem like a suicide given that there are still travel bans and many businesses are closed, however as soon as everything starts up it is easy to imagine that the entire sector will immediately undergo a sudden surge.

Promote Outdoor Activities

Prolonged closure at home due to the health emergency will push many people to want to make up for lost time by spending more hours outdoors.

So if you are a lover of trekking, horseback riding, sport fishing or other sports in contact with nature, this is just the right time to think about turning them into your main activity.